Bond Baddie Revealed

So we still don’t know who James Bond will be but we know what the film’s title is, Casino Royale, and now we know who the bad guy will be played by. has the story:

Bollywood star Gulshan Grover has confirmed he’ll be the latest Bond baddie when 007 returns in Casino Royale. The My Bollywood Bride star revealed all to newspaper The Times of India, but insisted he, like the rest of the world, has no idea who will play superspy Bond in the new movie, which will start shooting in the Czech Republic in January.

He says, “I met the (Bond) producers in LA a week ago. They are yet to announce this on their official website. That’s because they first want to announce the next Bond. As of now, they haven’t zeroed in on who will play the central role. At least 300 actors have been considered for the role.” Goran Visnjic and Aussie actor Julian McMahon are among the favourites to land the 007 role, while rumors persist that Pierce Brosnan will return for one more movie.

Interesting. The guy they picked just looks like a badass from the picture. I hope they don’t fuck up the Bond Franchise.


18 thoughts on “Bond Baddie Revealed

  1. socramforever says:

    I liked him too! I don’t understand why they would attempt to change something that definately was not broken.

    It’ll be there loss if they mess things up.

  2. flammable says:

    No kidding…I heard Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) was asked to be Bond, but he didn’t want to be typecast…I don’t blame him.

  3. socramforever says:

    yeah, Christian Bale, the guy who is now Batman, was asked to play Bond, but chose Bruce Wayne/Batman thinking that it would be more of an acting job. I agree with him.

    Hugh Jackman has Wolverine, why would you need bond?

  4. flammable says:

    No idea…but Bond’s something else.

    You can do the Batman role and still do other stuff…every time I see Pierce Brosnan, I think “James Bond”. Meh.

    Sean Connery, on the other hand…he was able to get past the role. Good for him.

  5. socramforever says:

    I agree. Its like everytime I see William Shatner, I think Captain Kirk, regardless of what else he’s played in his life.

    Poor Pierce Brosnan, he’ll always be James Bond.

  6. flammable says:

    Oh yeah…though William Shatner is insane. Oh man, he did this album where he sings, and there’s a track with the guy from Black Flag…Henry Rollins. Oh man.

    I guess if you just embrace it, it seems to be less of a deal…William Shatner seems to have done that.

    If I were Pierce Brosnan, I’d hold onto the Bond thing as long as I can…

  7. socramforever says:

    I don’t think its Pierce Brosnan’s choice, he wants to do another one but the producers think its time to move on. Stupid bastards.

    You want to know another really crazy album that I heard about on one of those VH1 documentaries, Joe Pesci actually did an album singing as if he were Vinnie from My Cousin Vinnie (like seven years after the movie came out). Like the main song was “I’m your cousin Vinnie!” Did it sell? No, not at all.

  8. flammable says:

    Oh and yeah, the Bond people are very stupid bastards. Pierce Brosnan is such a great Bond. I’d say he’s my favorite, but I haven’t seen most of them.

  9. socramforever says:

    haha, I’ve haven’t seen all of them, but I’ve seen two sean connory and one roger moore and part of another one to know that I like Pierce Brosnan the best.

  10. flammable says:

    LOL…I just realized, they’re remaking Casino Royale with a new Bond.

    How is this not setting things up for failure?

  11. socramforever says:

    have you seen Casiono Royale? I’ve never seen it, but I heard it had Woody Allen in it…that itself is bad.

    Here’s a little tidbit that you’d love. Quintin Tarentino at one point (about three or four years ago) wanted to remake Casino Royale (rated R) with Pierce Brosan as Bond, and make it a bloody amazing Bond movie. He was turned down…I think that would have ruled all!

  12. flammable says:

    Wow, Tarantino?! They should have taken that without even blinking twice.

    Haven’t seen Casino Royale, but I heard it was horrible.

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