Director talks Pirates sequels

This is making me very nervous…from

Verbinski On “Pirates” Sequel Madness
Posted: Thursday October 13th, 2005 11:55pm
Source: iF Magazine
Author: Garth Franklin

Director Gore Verbinski was out promoting his new Nicolas Cage dramedy “The Weather Man” when he revealed how his work on the two back-to-back “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequels are going to iF Magazine.

Things seem to moving rather strangely – “I’m a quarter of the way through the third one and three quarters of the way through the second one. It’s madness. We’re shooting scenes in the third movie without even knowing what the hell we’re doing. We actually have a pretty good second script and the third script is still on the operating table. And we’re in triage constantly, everyday. I don’t recommend making two movies at once. I think that we’re going to get there, but it’s just madness. I think that the second movie is strong and clever and has a lot going on. The third movie we’re still working on”.

He has been getting advice – “I did talk to Peter Jackson about it and he said, ‘Re-shoots’. We don’t have time for re-shoots. We don’t have the time. We actually have a story that’s challenging and compelling and dangerous and he [Jack Sparrow] is still the character that gets to weave his way through that story and affect everyone else with his own agenda”.

As for Keith Richards playing Jack’s dad – “We’re trying to work out his dates. We all want it to work, but it’s his tour dates and his lawyers.”

God, my only wish is that they don’t mess it up, and that if it isn’t ready that they put the release on hold, its honestly not about the money, its about making a good movie. But I understand how the people at Disney work and how to them it really is about the money. But please don’t let them mess up these movies. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Director talks Pirates sequels

  1. flammable says:

    It’s too bad Disney can’t see past the dollar signs. The sequels don’t sound as promising as they could be…he should take Peter Jackson’s advice!!

  2. socramforever says:

    he should! and so should Disney. It’ll make money, but only for the first week or so, word of mouth is the crazy monster that will make or break these films and its what made the first one. I saw it twice in the theater. I love that movie. That is the number one film on my list.

    I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing a top ten or twenty films of all time list from me.

    What do you think?

  3. flammable says:

    That would be cool…you could have it evolve all the time, too.

    I enjoyed Pirates too, have seen it many times…it’s a great movie.

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