The Vault Returns

With the blog returning, so does one of its ealiest and longest contributors: The Vault. There are many things back logged in my e-mail, but I thought I’d hold off on all of that while I work on my thesis (due Nov. 29th–so if I don’t post very much, I appologize, but this has been one of the most stressful period of my life). To those sending me things (mostly Hummerz) I thank you, I’ll get to it very soon and please keep sending me them.

Now on to the vault…The Vault Keeper (Now known simply as The Keeper of all things Vault)IMed me this gem recently and now I pass it on to you. Those of you who know of General Zod from the Superman movies and comics will appreciate this website.

Check it out:

I’d vote for him in 2008. He’s definately smarter than our current president.


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