My Cousin’s Wedding

If you didn’t know or even if you did know, I was an usher in my cousin’s wedding today. It was great. My job was to walk Jamie’s (my Cousin Eliud’s now wife) grandmother down to the front when we first marched in, but then her other grandmother came and I was told I would not only walk one down but I would have to run back and walk the other one too. It was the most exercise I had all year…lol…

It was a great time, here are some pics with captions:

Welcome to Applebees can I take your order:

Melissa and I before the wedding (the red vest looks better with the suit on it and not just by itself):

Grandma #2, my father didn’t get the first one:

Walking Bride’s maid Bonnie back to the back of the church, little did I realize that I would have to dance with Bonnie later in the day at the reception:

There is always room for a mean face:

Does that smile look forced?:

Eliud and Jamie (the groom and bride):

Melissa and I at the wedding:

Eliud and I:

Melissa and Jamie:

Melissa, my Grandfather (the Don), and I:

Where’s my cake!?!:

My parents and I:

The Family (that was there):


2 thoughts on “My Cousin’s Wedding

  1. flammable says:

    LOL you don’t look too thrilled in that first picture.

    you’re right though, the vest looks better with the suit on. 😀

    congrats to the bride and the groom!

  2. socramforever says:

    Yes! I know, the first one I was annoyed, I thought I looked like I should be a waiter. I was worried that I would be asked to go get some drinks while at the reception.

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