So far this week

I’m ready for this week to be over. And I keep repeating that I can’t wait till November is over, but I’ve had it with this fucking month. Too much stuff to do and I’m just exhausted. I’m almost 100% done with my thesis. It’ll be 100% next monday, especially with the holidays coming up, but I have some minor things to work on for the next couple of days.

Right now, Jenna (Melissa’s sister) is at our apartment, her first time, I’m happy that she’s here, she kept Melissa company last night while I was working and its good to see her.

This week, the parents were observing (for just Monday and Tuesday) and its been torture. You have to do extra just too look good. But whatever. I didn’t hear any complaints.

Tonight we’re going to meet up with Melissa and Jenna’s cousins at the Cheese Cake Factory (Evkoz is in class tonight and hated the fact that I repeated that I was going to the Cheese Cake Factory all day–hopefully all goes well) so things should be really fun.

Tomorrow is a half day at school and then Melissa and Jenna are going back home to South Jersey and I’ll be left up here by myself with my fish. I’ll be finishing up some work and relaxing. I hope all is well and I’ll be updating the blog.


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