Tuesday Nov. 29th, 2005

That will be the day. When I come home to the apartment after completing everything and handing it all in I will be happy. I know that I am working at Warnock the very next night and I’ve been thinking about it and none of what I am stressing over right now…won’t matter. Nov. 29th will be a day…a day that I will feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders…just thinking about it right now makes me excited. I can only imagine the stress and frustration over the next four-five days and what is getting me through it is the feeling I know I will get when I hand it all in.

Pray for me that I get through all this with minimal stress and aggrevation.


PS In no way shape or form could I have even gotten this far without Melissa and to her I am completely thankful in more ways than I believe she thinks I am.

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