This weekend

Right now I’ve been up for about a little over an hour and I’m still tired from yesterday. I did a lot of work at home trying to finish up my thesis and I woke up early again in order to go back and finish some more. I think its less distracting there because I don’t have the internet as readily available there as I have here. By the time I leave I think I will be about 95% done with the final product and I’m hoping that by Sunday night I would have killed the last five percent which would be printing it out and getting it ready in a binder.

I’m excited about this, I thought I would be working on it till the night before, I want to be able to leave it alone for Monday and only worry about taking it with me on Tuesday morning so that when I get to class I will be able to hand it in.

Anyway, after I work on my thesis, I’ll be going to Warnock at 3 and hopefully, as I was told, be able to get out early and head to South Jersey to be with my baby for the annual Thanksgiving meal that her family has on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

So if you don’t see any posts, you should know where I am.

Have a great weekend see you on Sunday.


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