Ashley Massaro Raw Diva Contest Winner

I don’t know how many of you remember from this pass summer that I was talking about how I didn’t like the diva contest that was going on on Raw (for the second straight summer in a row) If for whatever reason you don’t remember, here are the links to my posts:

Anyway, there was a winner, it wasn’t Elizabeth, the one I thought should have one, (I didn’t mention it in the blog because I forgot and it was a very busy time of the summer around the time that the winner was announced) which is fine and as you can tell by the title of this post it was the girl Ashley. Anyway, she’s in the new Maxim magazine. I don’t get that magazine anymore, I think the quality has gone down since I first bought it a long ass time ago, but I thought I’d share the link to the page with her on it:

I do know that Ashley Massaro (even though the link says Mazzaro) did pose for playboy a couple years ago under a different name and her pics were floating on the internet when she won the Diva contest.

Enjoy the pics.


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