So my parents got me an iPod for Christmas, I’m really happy about that, but right now its on song # 297 out 1387…ohh! That gives me such a freaking headache…


8 thoughts on “iPod

  1. socramforever says:


    oh and thanks again for the program to get the video on it, now I’ll be able to watch all of those wrestling matches I downloaded and never saw before because I didn’t have time…I started last night with Triple H vs Batista in a Hell in a Cell match…(but you probably don’t know who they are or what type of match that is?—I’d be in shock and awe if you did though… :P)

    also thank you for the front page, whenever I get it rolling I’ll put something about you on the site.

  2. flammable says:

    Let me know if the iPod program works, I haven’t used it yet and don’t have a video iPod to test it on.

    Hey, don’t worry about the whole “putting me on your site” thing, honestly I’ve got my own…which I just revamped tonight, actually. So I’m happy. 😀

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