Christmas Chaos predictions

On Wednesday Melissa and I will be going with Joe Brynes to ECPW’s Christmas Chaos event in Edison, so I figured that I would post my predictions. Now I haven’t been a fan for long, I’ve actually only been to two events (one house show and one tv taping) and one of those I was a camera person…but I figured I’d give it a shot and see how this goes.

The Nelson Brothers vs. The Repeat Offenders

Now I don’t remember who the Nelson Brothers are, for some reason I’d like to say that they are the Irish guys who debuted at the tv tapings that I was at, but I don’t really remember right now. I have a soft spot for the Repeat Offenders (seen below)…

…and since these are predictions I’m going with…Winners: The Repeat Offenders

The Next Generation & Dan De Man vs. The Zaccones & Little Tony Moose

I’m not a big fan of The Zaccones but I do like Dan De Man and I like the pop from the small tv taping crowd for The Next Generation so I’ll give this one to them.

Winners: The Next Generation & Dan De Man.

The Owens Brothers vs. Demolition

Demolition? The Demolition? Hmm…The most successful Tag Team Champions in ECPW history or Demolition? I’ll go with…

Winners: The Owens Brothers

Fan’s Choice
Crowbar vs. Simon Diamond

I’m not really sure who Simon Diamond is, I might be really ignorant right now about this, I know the name but I don’t remember ever seeing him wrestle. But I do know Crowbar, he was one crazy mother fucker back when he was in WCW. I think he had Daffney (the little crazy brunette who would scream into a boom mic). He was a hardcore champion in WCW (before Meng jumped ship back to WWF and returned as Haku at the Royal Rumble). On this one I’m going to go with an old favorite, maybe I’ll actually get to meet him too.

Winner: Crowbar

ECPW Tag Team Title Match
Sean Martin & Kevin Apollo (c) vs. The Canadian Outlaws

I’m going Sean Martin and Kevin Apollo on this one, I can’t see The Canadian Outlaws winning this one at all.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: Sean Martin & Kevin Apollo

ECPW Light-Heavyweight Title Match
Crazy Ivan (c) vs. Abunai vs. Johnny Ova vs. Spike Dudley

Here is yet another person I would like to meet, Spike Dudley…I think WWE screwed him and the Dudley Boyz out of a job and money but I just would like to meet him and shake his hand. I would love for Spike to win this match…but I’m going to go with…

Winner and Still Champion: Crazy Ivan

ECPW Television Title Match
Jay Santana (c) with Theresa Lopez vs. Red Hot Russ

This one I think could go either way, I think that it could stay on Santana or it could change hands and go to Russ. I think that Santana will retain because there has to be one title change (aside from one other fact that I won’t mention till after Wednesday that I will share with Mr. Joe Brynes quietly in e-mail and also with Melissa…but she won’t care, she’s there to see Sinster X–wait, he isn’t on the card…uh-oh, what’s going on here…)and that won’t be this match.

Winner and still champion: Jay Santana

ECPW Heavyweight Title Match/Texas Death Match
Andrew Anderson (c) vs. Jeff “The Future” Coleman

I think this one is a tough one to call, but I always feel like if there isn’t one title change then it was a waste of time, I don’t know why I think that but if you’re going to one of these big events there should be a pay off. I like Drew (Andrew Anderson) I’ve met him, nice guy, I have yet to meet Jeff Coleman, but I think that to make this event huge they need to have a big ending and having Jeff Coleman win the title would be big, it would make enrage Anderson to go after Coleman which would be a lot of fun to watch plus Coleman needs a win after what Anderson did to him on the exclusive match that was supposed to take place at the tv taping (which I was camera man for) and he got his ass kicked.

So my prediction:

WINNER AND NEW ECPW Heavyweight champion: Jeff “The Future” Coleman

There is also supposed to be the first ever 40 man 2 ring battle royal (which I believe Sinster X…Melissa’s new love, will be in) this is going to be fun.


PS I’ll post the results after the show on Wednesday

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