Van Wilder 2?

So, I just looked on and I saw that MGM is still going to be distributing movies (with Sony, who owns them now) and one of the movies that they are making right now is none other than Van Wilder 2: Rise of the Taj

Here is the plot summary from

VAN WILDER II: THE RISE OF TAJ is the sequel to the successful 2002 release, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. Taj (Kal Penn) from the first film, heads to England’s prestigious Oxford University to further his studies while in the process, showing the uptight student body how to party.

Sounds like a direct to home video release to me, but we’ll see, it’ll probably come out in the theater.


29 thoughts on “Van Wilder 2?

  1. flammable says:

    Did ya see the first one? Looked interesting, but that could have just been the hot cheerleader on the DVD box cover.

  2. socramforever says:

    haha, yeah, I didn’t remember a cheerleader, but I do remember her being on there. She is no longer hot. I didn’t like her in American Pie but I did like her in Van Wilder. Especially at the end of the movie.

  3. flammable says:

    ha! i definitely need to see it, then.

    yeah, her hotness has kinda faded now that like 50% of her body has become fake.

  4. socramforever says:

    what if you get married to a girl that’s stupid? think about the conversations you’d have when you got older…

  5. flammable says:

    Yeah, I doubt dumb blondes are much fun when they’re old. No hotness and no personality means they don’t have much left.

  6. socramforever says:

    I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky…I think about it every night and da….whoa! where did that come from?

  7. socramforever says:

    I think I did hear this song, it was at the Mtv Music Awards and it was terrible. It had R. Kelly simply singing everyone’s lines like, “And she said, ‘ I hate you.’ and I said, ‘why’ and she said, ’cause I don’t’ and I was like ‘I don’t understand…'” I just made those lines up, but that was how the song was. If its the same song. Horrible. And R. Kelly really wasn’t singing it he was mouthing the words and couldn’t keep up with it. I was really iriatated right after.

  8. flammable says:

    LOL, I seriously thought you didn’t make up those lyrics…cause the song is that bad.

    I guess that’s why it’s so funny, the whole thing is so, so horrible.

    He announced that he’s going to make it into a play, too.

  9. socramforever says:

    About the play: He’s stupid!

    Here is some of the actual lyrics, its labeled as Chapter 1 of 5, yes, this song is somehow broken down into chapters. Check them out and cry sadly in a corner:

    7 o’clock in the morning and the rays from the sun wake me
    I’m stretching and yawning in a bed that don�t belong to me
    Then a voice yells �good morning darling� from the bathroom
    Then she comes out and kisses me and to my surprise she isn�t you
    Now I’ve got this dumb look on my face like �what have I done�?
    How could I be so stupid to have been laid in to the morning sun
    Must have lost the track of time, oh what was on my mind?
    From the club went to her home, didn�t plan to stay that long
    Here I am quickly trying to put on my clothes
    Searching for my car keys trying to get on up out the door
    Then she stretched her hands in front of me
    Said �you can�t go this way�
    Looked at her like she was crazy
    Said �woman move out my way�
    I Said �I got a wife at home�
    She said �please don�t go out there�
    �Lady I�ve got to get home�
    She said her husband was coming from the stairs
    �?? quiet, hurry up and get in the closet�
    She said �don�t you make a sound or some ____ is going down
    I Said �why don�t I just go out the window�
    �yes, except for one thing, we�re on the 5th floor�
    Think, think� �quick put me in the closet�
    And now I’m in this darkest closet trying to figure out
    Just how I’m gonna get my crazy ass out this house
    And he walks in and yells �I�m home�
    She says �honey I’m in the room�
    He walks in there with a smile on his face saying �honey I’ve been missing you�
    She hops all over him and says �I’ve cooked and ran your bathwater�
    I’m telling you now this girl is so good she deserves an Oscar
    The girl�s in the bed he starts snatching her clothes off
    I’m in the closet like man, what the f_ck is going on?
    You�re not going to believe it but things get deeper as the story goes on
    Next thing you know a call comes through on my cell phone
    I tried my best to quickly put it on vibrate
    But from the way he acted I could tell it was too late
    He hopped up and said �there�s a mystery going on and I’m going to solve it�
    And I’m like �God please don�t let this man open his closet�
    He walks in the bathroom and looks behind the door
    She says �baby come back to bed�
    He says �say no more�
    He pulls back the shower curtain while she�s biting her nails
    Then he walks back to the room. Right now I’m sweating like hell
    Checks under the bed (bed)
    then under the dresser (dresser)
    He looks at the closet (closet)
    I pull out my berretta (berretta)
    He walks up to the closet (closet)
    He�s close up to the closet (closet)
    Now he�s at the closet (closet)
    Now he�s opening the closet (closet, closet, closet)

  10. socramforever says:

    Noticed that the post was a little fucked up, just consider all the stupid diamond question marks to be ‘ or “

  11. socramforever says:

    actually yes! but right now, while I’m typing these I’m home from school! I know its confusing…but whatever, its getting done and that’s what counts!

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