Week and Weekend in review:

Not that I was that busy this weekend…

…but I had a lot on my plate.

Saturday I worked till about 5, then I came to the apartment and changed, and Melissa and I went out to eat and go to an ECPW show at the ECPW arena. I met Kamala, old school WWE legend, and I’ve added him to the short list of big name wrestlers that I’ve met, (which include: Crowbar, Spike Dudley, Simon Diamond, Danny Doring, the tag team of Demolition and now Kamala; seven big name wrestlers–I may have missed some, but that’s what I remember right now).

WWE’s Saturday Night’s Main Event was on NBC, and I’m sure everyone who was at the ECPW show taped it, but I heard that it did terrible in the ratings even though it was a Pay Per View sized show, which is too bad because it was a great show, and I’m keeping the tape because it was pretty damn good.

Last Wed. there was a Ghost Hunter marathon on Sci-Fi channel and I taped it and I’m still battling it down, such a great show, God I wish I could join them on some of these investigations. I want to experience it. I want to feel what its all about. I myself feel as if I have experienced it in some form, but I would love to be with them on a real investigation. I might get three months worth of the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) magazine along with the Ghost Hunters season one dvd. I love that show.

Last Sunday and continuing last night was the mega Sunday night of show on tv. There are just way too many shows on tv to watch on sunday night. I’m not complaining, but I just wish I had some form of a tivo type of thing. I mean, The Sopranos has been amazing the last two weeks, far better than the last season and they are only on the second episode. Big Love, the new show with Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn (I’m so upset that she’s gotten older…I don’t know why, she was in Basic Instinct and Water World), Chloë Sevigny and a bunch of other big names about a polygamist (Bill Paxton) and his relationship with the three wives, all whom he is married to. (that’s from IMDB.com). Story is great, acting is great, sex scenes are great. Great new show. HBO is kicking ass with their shows, and I hope Rome comes back on sooner rather than later. And also on Sunday nights is Grey’s Anatomy (which we will be watching tonight, I taped it…last week we stayed up and watched it, this week we couldn’t hold out, besides, aside from Raw there is never anything on Monday’s anyway.

What the fuck did I do Friday night? I can’t remember for some reason…

I subbed in the high school Friday during the day. I remember when I first started subbing all I wanted were the older kids and I wanted nothing to do with the little kids. Now after not only Student teaching for months, but also having nothing but elementary and one day of sixth grade middle school I was sent over to the high school and I was pretty nervous. I couldn’t yell out “boys and girls” or anything like that. Little things don’t amuse the teenagers at the high school…I was nervous. But the day went pretty well. Except for the last class in which I can honestly say I’ve subbed for a Kindergarten (did I spell that right) that was better behaved (no lie, Mr. Evkoz’s class).

Melissa’s parents and grandmothers along with my mom came over yesterday morning, my father was on call for work and couldn’t come, for a breakfast, it was pretty good, Melissa makes a mean Melissa’s sweet ****** surprise…and if you’re good I’ll even tell you what the stars ( ***) stand for.

Saw “A History of Violence” it was good, not great but not bad at all, I would give it like six and a half stars for being something that I have seen before but done amazingly well with great acting (accept for William Hurt, he sucks monkey balls).

Ohh! Melissa and I went to Olive Garden on Friday night, that was about it, we came back home and fell asleep. Its way too cold to be out for too long.

That’s kind of a week in review really. Hope all is going well.


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