Sunday Night PAW Results 3/19/06

Yeah, they’re a little late, I’m sorry, I know you are all looking forward to it, so here they are:


Match #1
Peanut Chew Vs Bandit

Bandit is the first one out and is waiting for Peanut Chew. Peanut’s music hits and out hops the little bunny. He is half way down the ramp when Matty H. comes down and attacks The Nut. Matty drags Peanut to the ring and tosses Bandit out along with Bandit’s little ball. Matty H. continues to beat on the little rabbit as the bell is rung to signal the refs to come out and calm the situation down.

During the break Peanut Chew is being tended to by the medics.

Pierre is wheeled out in his cage to gloat that since his announcement of the 24/7 rule being put back on not one person has even tried to fight him. So, instead of just anyone in CMWF he is opening it up to the general public. “Anyone, anyone can try to take the title simply by pinning me! From the little itty bitty fish to the bus boy at the restaruant, anyone and I mean anyone can take me in a match. And if you think that’s crazy, remember they don’t call me the psycho bird for no reason!”

Pierre tosses the mic down and is wheeled to the back.

Next Saturday, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Socram’s Blog, CMWF will have a special show: CMWF’s HOPDOWN!

Match #2

The Orange Fish vs George

Shaq runs down and distracts the ref

Winner: The Orange Fish

The Orange Fish and Shaq hug and swim away laughing as George looks on very very pissed.

Next Saturday on CMWF’s HOPDOWN! witness the debut of the Comet Clan (4 Comet Fish) that will join The Aquatic Division.

Matty H. makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic. He says that last Sunday on PAW Peanut challenged him to a DOUBLE CAGE MATCH. A double, meaning two, cage match, and he had to do a little research on just what a double cage match consisted of. So he looked it up and it is comprsided of two cages, one on top of the other. The participants start off in the bottom one and must fight there way to the top one where there are weapons like chairs, crutches, singapore canes, and the like. And in there they must battle to get on top of the second cage. Once up on top they must fight in order to push the other one off, almost like a scafolding match where the purpose of the match is to be the only one left standing on top of the double cage.

“Seems very crazy yes, seems like anyone who would participate in such a match should be checked into a psychiatric ward at their local hospital, but I think it’ll be fun, I think it’ll be fun Peanut to kick your rabbit ass off the top of the cage. So if its a fight you want its a fight you’re going to get, on Sunday, March 26th, you…me…the double cage…its going to be a riot!”

Matty H. laughs.

“I was also told to come out here and promote my new show “The Cat’s Meow” that is debuting this Saturday on the special CMWF’s HOPDOWN! Where my first guest will be you Peanut Chew. And you are going to ‘hop down’ and take every bit of abuse that I will dish out at you. And…and! that’s not all! I’ll be asking questions…questions that will be fast and quick and I’ll give you a little prieveiw of it…’how do you feel knowing that by Monday morning you’ll be lying in a hopital bed?”

Matty H. throws his mic down and leaves.

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