Socram’s Blog’s One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been writing this thing for a year now. That’s so weird. I started it as a way to post things up a lot easier than as links on my AIM away message and to also rant about things like stupid people and stupid things and things that just pissed me off and it kind of evolved into many different things. I mean there were small little eras I guess. There was a time I didn’t think people actually read my blog, but apparently a lot of people do, they just don’t comment, which is fine, I don’t mind, it at least makes me feel as if I’m not wasting my time doing this thing, at least some people are entertained by what I put up here.

I decided to post some links to some posts and maybe talk about them and I don’t know, just some how have kind of a year in review type of thing. So here goes:

The first post on this incarnation of the blog was entitled “The Return of the Blog” actually thinking about it now it was more or less a return to the rant, which if you read in the post is explained…

Next up is the first flammable’s Vault, later it was renamed into The Vault and the keeper of all things vault was then turned into the Vault Keeper…see people, I’m trying to keep things kind of simple. Here is the very first flammable’s Vault:

Next is the first picture that I posted on to image shack to be used for the blog, I hadn’t yet figured out (actually its best to say that Vault Keeper had yet to tell me how to do it since I didn’t even know you could put a pictue on a blog and have it be seen by everyone so I simply put the link on the page) how to show a picture on the blog. Here is the very first picture on there, follow this link and then click the link on the post.

The day that the twins were brought to the dorm room, yes, they were actually around all the way back in the dorm room last year on the day that this post was put on the blog. Dale and Erica now perform for CMWF.

Here is the link to the very first picture that was actually viewable from my blog, enjoy:

May 2nd was the last day that I would ever be duty captain as an RA at school, that was very sad, but now I don’t really care…now I’m content not ever having to be on campus ever again.

This is the very first pic of the day, I would go on to try to add numbers and keep it going but I gave up and now I simply post a Pic of the day and leave it as simply a pic of that specific day. This one was an oldie but goodie and I think everyone enjoyed it.

This next post was of the day that Melissa and I signed for the apartment, I mean some of these posts are not ground breaking stuff but memorable things that occured throughout the year, so I’m hoping your guys are understanding that. Re-live this with me people come on!

The beginning of RAW IS MARCOS…please tell me you remember this…

and here are a bunch of the other Raw is Marcos stuff:

I know that there were a bunch of other posts but here is the most recent one:

Here are the first pics of the apartment, and strangley enough I took the picture of the computer armoire

Long time contributer, like Vault Keeper, Hummerz has been contributing to the blog for a long time and today I am going to be posting a bunch of stuff courtsey of Hummerz, but first here is his first post on the blog:

Speaking of Hummerz here was Chevy’s #1 sales person

I saw this and I knew I had to post it again, here is a guy that looks like Jenna:

Here is one of my favorite posts from this past summer, and it reminds me of my Jessica Biel vs Jessica Alba post that I believe I never got around to doing it anyway, tell me if you remember this post:

Another one of my favorite posts, I can’t believe this happened last July, it feels like it happened last week, here is the Greystone Story

Here is the first Quote of the Day:

Here is a post of something that I wish I could have so that Melissa and I can watch whatever we want and still be able to co-exist happily with the television

Here is the post of Evkoz’s dad

Wow, here is when the era of Myspace began, I think I even had a myspace account yet, but I know that I posted these pics because Hummerz was sending them to me, lets see if you remember this:

And I couldn’t be out done, so I posted my own myspace pics of the day:

Man! has the blog changed since then, I try not to put stuff like that on anymore…but for one day only I’ll post a myspace blog entry…later today I’ll be posting one last one made from a Hummerz myspace pics of the day that was never posted…

Here is when I went to Mexico for summer vacation and I found a computer that I could post on the blog with, here is the very first out of the the country post on myspace:

The end of Chevy:

From the end of Chevy we jump a few month, it was during this time that I was student teaching and nothing ground breaking happened, but here, just in time to bring in some Christmas cheer is Santa Cat!!!!

The First Gif of the Day

Oh man!!!!! seriously…the OH! Face Gallery…I still have some Oh faces that never made it…and were supposed to be on a second gallery that I never got around to making…

The night I finished my masters…

Prior to this night I had been to an ECPW house show, but here was my first TV taping and the first time that Melissa set her eyes unto Sinster X

Speaking of which, here is Melissa and a touch of greatness…..

Awww, here is the next one, its Peanut Chew when he first came into our lives, he was so freaking tiny!!!!

Here was the post that launched the idea for CMWF

and there is one comment on this following post that solidified the idea, it was from Vault Keeper:

Here is the first post of who was champion (at least at that time) for the CMWF World Championship, in this case it was little Peanut Chew

The first Sunday Night PAW!

Here is the first video blog entry:

OHH! MAN!!! here is the first post after I proposed to Melissa…oh yeah and it was my birthday!!!

Wow, this past year is full of some great memories, and that was just a taste of what was in this past year.

I could not have gotten here without some great help from people like my baby Melissa, Evkoz, Vault Keeper, Hummerz, Matty H., Peanut Chew, and everyone else that some how managed to help me out and contributed to what was seen on this pages, I just hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as me and I hope that I can keep you guys interested for at least another year.

More posts to come today, enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Socram’s Blog’s One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!

  1. flammable says:

    Wow, hard to believe it’s been a whole year…man, time flies.

    Great post, I didn’t visit them all but I know I did at one point. 🙂

    Just bought a pack of gum today, am working on that statue…you want one too?

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