Copy Cat Comercial

I’ve only seen this comercial twice on tv, but I never really looked at any of the people in it, then I found out the guy in it was someone that Evkoz and I graduated with from High School. His name is Adam Pally and he used to do the Friday morning show at our school. For those who don’t know what the Copy Cat Comercial is, check it out:


11 thoughts on “Copy Cat Comercial

  1. socramforever says:

    yeah, me too! anything funny with cats usually gets me, then I found out that I knew the guy that was in it…good for him.

  2. flammable says:

    Me too! Those Meow Mix commercials kicked ass.

    I guess Adam has to look pretty different for you to not recognize him…though I don’t watch TV and look for people I recognize, either.

  3. socramforever says:

    nah, never really focused on the guy in it. I was looking at the cat and laughing. He does look like he’s gained weight. Besides the only places I actually look to see if I know anyone tends to be those Playboy College issues…but you can never tell when those are coming out and who is still in school, you know?

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