Detailed History of the CMWF World Heavyweight Championship

Detailed History of CMWF World Title

Here is the details for each title change of the CMWF World Title…as promised:

1. Marcos (1/28/05)

When Melissa bought Marcos the World Championship for his 23rd birthday little did she realize how
many battles and how many hands or paw (even fins) that title would have held it in the year that it has been around.

Marcos’ first title reign would start the second he was given the title and would last almost four months.

2. Matty H. (5/19/05)

While home for a week in between moving out of the dorms and moving into the apartment, Matty H. made his move to capture his first title.

He would go on to hold the title for almost two months while Marcos was in his apartment.

3. Marcos (2) (6/22/05)

On July 22nd, Marcos demanded a match to regain the championship, it would be his second belt win and a the first two time World Champion in CMWF history.

4. Matty H. (2) (8/4/05)

Before going on his vacation to Mexico, Marcos was challenged for the first ever ladder match for the World Title by Matty H. Though not really a pro at climbing ladders, Matty H. won and held on to the title for almost a week and would go on to loss it to a very unsuspecting participant.

5. Shaq (8/16/05)

Shaq (one of the now defunct Aquatic Tag Team Champions and former Aquatic Cruiser Weight Champions) challenged Matty H. to a match and Matty H. gladly accepted, this was going to be a sure win.

When the match began Matty H. started to laugh and Shaq saw the opportunity and jumped right into Matty’s mouth and chocked the poor kitty till he was out. Shaq won his only World Title on this day.

6. Matty H. (3) (9/15/05)

Not knowing where the title was, many people thought it was lost since it was nice and hidden inside of a fish tank, but Matty H. knew exactly where it was and he waited till the right time to win back the title.

In September of 2005 Matty H. was still bitter about his embarrassing loss to a fish so he challenged “The Blue Fish” to a cage match with a special stipulation, if Shaq does not enter the ring on the count of ten, Matty H. will become the new champion.

Shaq thought long and hard about what it would be like to wrestle in a cage, he thought about seeing if the cage would fit under water, but there was no budge in the contract that he had signed, he even considered actually wrestling in the cage out of water to see if he could hold on to the title, but alas, he was a fish and could not.

And on the count of ten, Matty H. became the first 3 time CMWF World Heavyweight Champion.

7. Marcos (3) (9/18/05)

Matty H. was so confident that his third title reign would be his best and the longest that he put a 24/7 rule (the title could be defended anywhere at anytime and anyone could challenge, as long as there is a ref) into effect.

Marcos took the chance and caught Matty H. eating to win his third title.

8. Bordinski (10/30/05)

During the fall of 2005 Marcos was student teaching. While teaching Marcos did not realize that the 24/7 rule was still in effect and when one of his students caught wind of this, Bordinski became a CMWF World Heavyweight Champion.

9. Marcos (4) (11/5/05)

Marcos, frustrated about the fact that one of his students won the belt and had been parading with it around enticing other students and faculty to win the belt from him decided to use the 24/7 rule against Bordinski and won the title back.

After winning the title Marcos dropped the 24/7 rule.

10. Matty H. (4) (11/12/05)

Matty H. challenged Marcos to a match on this day and while the ref was turned hit Marcos with the belt to regain the championship. Matty H. would hold it for twelve days when Marcos fought him once again (on Thanksgiving Day) to win back the title.

11. Marcos (5) (11/24/05)

Marcos challenged Matty H. on this day, Marcos was coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and decided that it would be the best place to send out a challenge to the furry little beast. Matty H. did not back down and the match lasted nearly 47 minutes and it went everywhere from the ring to the rest of the house and finally Marcos pinned the kitty to take back the title for a record breaking 5th time.

12. Peanut Chew (1/8/06)

The first title switch of the new year would come from a very unsuspecting little guy. The supposedly dwarf rabbit (newly bought and named on this very day) Peanut Chew was a very shy and lovable little bunny. Little did his new parents (Marcos and Melissa) know that he had planned this day for the last nine weeks waiting for them to pick him up. He had a ref already in the house and when Melissa turned her back to go into the bedroom, he pinned Marcos on the first day that he was in the apartment to win his first World Heavyweight Championship.

13. Marcos (6) (1/12/06)

The dwarf rabbits luck was about to change, 13 being Marcos lucky number he would hope that on this day he would be able to have the 13 title change for the World Heavyweight Championship occur, and it did. Peanut Chew was swift and fast but could not outwit his father making Marcos the six time (breaking his previous record) Cosmel Wrestling Federation Champion.

14. Peanut Chew (2) (1/18/06)

Trying to avenge his loss to his father the little bunny decided to taunt his father, saying that he didn’t have enough spunk to keep up with him in a one hour iron man/rabbit match (the stipulation for this match is that both participants could go head to head and have as many pinfalls/submissions/disqualifications/countouts and the one with the most would win the match thus winning the belt.

At the end of the hour after going back and forth with the score at four for Marcos and four for Peanut Chew, the “NUT”ty one decided to unveil his finishing move: “the flying jackrabbit” off of the top rope for a pin in the finale three seconds to move the score five four for the win.

15. Marcos (7) (1/24/06)

Not wanting to be outdone by his son just days before his 24th birthday, Marcos challenged Peanut Chew to a match. No gimmicks just a time limit of ten minutes in which one of them would have to pin the other.

At the end of the ten minutes Marcos used his finishing move: The Cross Effect on the little unsuspecting rabbit and won the belt back, breaking his record once again, for a seventh time.

16. Peanut Chew (3) (1/30/06)

Angry at Marcos for using his finishing move on her son, Melissa demanded a rematch, which she would be the special guest ref. Marcos agreed and the match was a quick one, Melissa hit Marcos with a low blow and Peanut hit his flying jackrabbit off the top to a quick pin to win the title for a third time.

17. Bae (2/11/06)

On a trip to South Jersey to visit her parents, Melissa and Marcos brought Peanut Chew. Bae, the little white dog saw that the little rabbit had the World Championship with him and had always wanted to be the first female World Heavyweight Championship.

Though she is the bunny’s aunt, she knew that his uncle (Matty H.) had won the championship many times and that he had spoken poorly about them in South Jersey. Winning the belt would mean not only being the first female, but also giving Matty H. the finger.

She felt bad, but challenged little Peanut (who was now walking around with a t-shirt calling himself: The Real Big League Chew.

Peanut put up a good fight but went home empty handed when Bae won the title.

18. Pierre (2/19/06)

“The Psycho Bird” Pierre never leaves Melissa’s old room and feels as if he is imprisoned in there as if he lives in an insane asylum. One day Bae walked in with the belt tied around her and boasting at how no one would ever come back down to South Jersey just for the title and that she would probably hold it for a really long time. He said that he would challenge her.

Bae scoffed at the idea of a bird being the World Champion, but said that if he was ready she would do it anywhere. Pierre surprised her by having a ref on hand and in a twenty-eight minute match beat the white dog by chirping until she tapped.

Pierre’s World Title reign would last the longest so far this year with the crazy feathered champion holding on to the belt for over a month when he put the title back on the 24/7 rule.

19. Bruce (3/24/06)

People can only take but so much, and when Pierre would not shut up about how no one has challenged him, chirping loudly and not letting anyone relax at the end of the day, that was it! Bruce walked into the birds room, opened the cage and choked “the Psycho Bird” out.

Unlucky for Pierre, he had hired a ref to stand by his cage at all times in the event of a match, when Bruce began to choke on Pierre the bird started to tap out. Thus allowing Bruce to win the World Championship…an added bonus when all he really wanted was a nice and quiet Friday night.

20. Bae (2) 3/30/06

Bruce came home early this evening only to fall asleep on the couch watching tv when Bae took this to her advantage and pinned her master quietly as she had snuck a ref in earlier in the week. As the ref counted to three Bae instantly won her second championship, Bruce would not know about the loss till later in the evening and he said he didn’t really care, as long as the bird didn’t have it.

Pierre is said to be beside himself at his stupidity for not pinning Bruce in his sleep like Bae did. Bae on the other hand has been cocky and flaunting her win in front of the Psycho bird which only fuels his fury about the whole situation.

21. Pierre (2) 4/23/06

Pierre was granted one final match against Bae, if he lost, he would never again be able to get the World Heavyweight Championship again. Being the clever little bird that he thinks he is, Pierre used a handful of his own feathers (explaining why he doesn’t have any left on his body) to toss into Bae’s eyes blinding her enough to roll her up for a pin on the April 23rd edition of PAW.

Pierre, the psycho bird, is said to be sleeping much better now, keeping his belt within his cage so not to have anyone try and jump him.

22. Bae (3) 4/30/06

Just one week from her loss to the Psycho One, Bae was able to regain the CMWF World Heavyweight Championship from Pierre in a hardcore match that saw: ladders, trash cans, metal turnbuckles and feathers used as weapons. Pierre will never again be able to try his luck at the World Heavyweight Championship as long as Bae holds it.

But how long will Bae be able to hold it for moments after her amazing win did her next opponent or opponents rush the ring and attack not only her but each other, those include: Matty H., Gimli the Goat and Peanut Chew (both Gimli and Peanut have a fued going on). It looks like not only is the Summer movie season about to heat up but it seems like the CosMel Wrestling Federation’s Summer is about to get red hot.

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