DRACULA (1992) Sequel May See Light

I really wasn’t a fan of the 1992 Dracula movie that was directed by Francise Ford Copola. I actually got it as a Christmas present my sophmore year from one of my suitemates and watched it…hated it…it was so long and drawn out and I just didn’t quite care enough about any of the characters. I honestly think that its due for another remake. One that can be made by probably someone more fun than Francise Ford Copola…

Anyway, here is some news about a possible sequel to that 1992 movie:

From Cinescape.com:

DRACULA (1992) Sequel May See Light
Dateline: Wednesday, May 3, 2006

By: News Editor
Source: Variety

The Un-Dead, a sequel to Dracula (1992), is in development via Blue Tulip Productions and Atchity Entertainment.

There is no named director as of yet for the project, but a script has been penned by Ian Holt. The script has the movie taking place 25 years after Dracula and focuses on the surviving characters. This is the first sequel the descendants of Dracula author Bram Stoker have authorized.

Dracula (1992) was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Eh! Nothing really exciting, the only bit of interesting news is that Bram Stoker still has descendants that still have the autority to authorize a sequel…and why didn’t they do something with it before?


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