Sunday Night PAW results from April 30, 2006

OH MY GOD!!! CRAZY RESULTS FROM LAST WEEKS PAW, see who becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion and see who the next challengers are:

From last week:

Pierre bites ahold of Bae’s tail and does not let go, Bae whines and
goes over to a corner to collect herself and Pierre chases after her.
Bae, angry that the little bird would dare bite her growls and starts
to pounce on her when Pierre tosses a handful of feathers into her
eyes. She falls to the mat and Pierre rolls her up.


grabs the belt and laughs as he jumps back into his cage and waves bye
to Bae. Bae, showing all of her teeth, is growling at the loss and
looks at Pierre. This isn’t over yet.


Bae and Pierre face each other for the final time in a final rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight in the main event, this time it will be in a hardcore match. Anything goes, tables, chairs, even feathers.

We open with Rage in a Cage with Peanut Chew.

Peanut is inside of a cage and he has a mic and he says that the last two weeks he’s been loosing to a Goat! And he’s not very pleased about that. He calls out Gimli the Goat and Gimli comes out. Gimli laughs at Peanut telling him that its funny that his show “Rage in a Cage” actually is shot in a cage, because that means that Peanut is trapped in there with no way out. Gimli jumps into the cage and tries to ram Peanut into the side of the cage and Peanut hops out of the way and Gimli gets his horns stuck in the wall of the cage.

Gimli starts huffing and puffing and Peanut grabs a chair and when Gimli gets out and turns Peanut hits Gimli with the chair and knocks him on his side.

Peanut hops out of the ring and up the ramp laughing as the infuriated goat gets up.

Last week:

Matty H. makes his way down to the ring, the first time since his loss
to Peanut Chew on the double cage and he tells her that before she can
do that, she has to pass some tests. Luna says, no problem, she can
pass anything. Matty tells her that her first test is him, and he hits
her and hisses in her face.

Match #1
Luna vs Matty H.

Luna comes out for her first match in CMWF she looks very nervous. Matty H. comes down and he is looking very confident and they start the match. Good match goes back and forth with many near falls. Luna looks to have won it with “The Luna Eclipse” (moonsault from the top rope) but Matty H. rolls her up and pins her.

Winner: Matty H.

In the back, Matty H. is interviewed and he is asked about his match against the debuting Luna. He says that it was easy pickings and that he is coming back and he is going all the way for the CMWF World Heavyweight Championship!

Match #2
World Heavyweight Championship Hardcore Match
Bae vs Pierre (2)

Pierre starts off yanking feathers and taunting them at Bae and Bae simply pounces on Pierre and growls as the little fowl bird starts to peck at Bae. Bae nods “I see how you’re going to play” and she rolls out of the ring and Pierre starts to pander to the crowd “See, she’s no match for me. I’m the real champion,” he says to them. Bae jumps into the ring with a bag full of bird seed and she knocks the Psycho Bird out of the ring, over the top rope and unto the floor.

Pierre, shocked as hell, cannot stop squawking, he kneels down and starts to back off and begs Bae, “Let’s talk about this…comon, comon…” when Bae gets close enough, Pierre pokes her in the eye and Pierre runs under the ring and grabs a ladder. He goes to lift it over his head and it is much to heavy for the bird so he places it down.

Pierre then goes under the ring again and gets a trash can, he places the ladder on top of the trash can and moves Bae, still rattled from the poke to the eye closer to the ladder. Her face is under the side of the ladder that is on the floor and Pierre jumps unto the ring apron and is hovering around the part of the ladder that is elevated, like a catepault. Pierre jumps and Bae moves as Pierre lands on the ladder with a thud. And like that, Bae jumps on the ladder launching Pierre into the air. In mid air Bae drop kicks the psycho bird and sends him into the audience.

Bae grabs the bird and brings him back into the ring. She pins him for a two count and Pierre crawls over to the ref as Bae starts to take chase after him, Pierre yanks the ref head first into Bae and they collide. With Bae and the ref down Pierre goes over and takes off the top turnbuckle and exposes the metal part underneath of it.

He picks up Bae and runs with her, trying to ram her head into the turnbuckle but Bae is able to stop it and sends Pierre, head first, into the metal and he bounces back and into the middle of the ring. Bae gets really low as Pierre tries to get up, he had the wind knocked out of him and when he turns she spears him to the mat and pins him.

1—–2—–Pierre kicks up. He does not want to loose the belt just yet.

Pierre yanks out a handfull of feathers and throws that at Bae who is blinded, Pierre flops out of the ring grabs his belt and goes back in and goes to hit Bae with the belt, Bae ducks, having enough time to clear her eyes Pierre runs by her trips and falls dropping the belt right in the middle of the ring. Bae give Pierre a Twist of Fate on top of the belt and then applies a choke hold called “The Dog Collar”.

The ref recovers in enough time to see Pierre tap out.


Bae howls with delight, she won back her title just one week after her loose to Pierre and she is celebrating in the ring and showing off her new title. Her third reign as CMWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Suddenly, “I hiss in the face of people who don’t want to be cool” is heard and Matty H.’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with a mic. He gets in Bae face and he sees Pierre still crawling around the ring and he kicks him out of the ring. “I demand a title shot against that belt, I’ve been missing it since it came down to South Jersey and its mine!”

Bae: Bring it old man, I’m right here.

Matty H: Oh, that’s the way you want to play huh?

They start to push each other around when Gimli’s music hits and he gallops down to the ring and starts to fight them. Suddenly from the crowd Peanut Chew jumps over the barrier and we have an all out brawl between all four animals. This is crazy. The refs run down and try to break up this mess. Oh my God!

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