“Better Late Then Never 2” by Evkoz

Here are two reviews by Evkoz. I’ll toss in some of my own thoughts like the last time:

First up is I, Robot with Will Smith in it:

I, Robot

Whenever Will Smith is starting in a movie, you can’t go wrong. While this has been a pattern, all good things come to an end. I felt this movie starts off strong, gets a bit stronger in the middle, and then dies in the end. Will Smith, playing a cop of the future, where robots are abundant-they are made to help serve humans. However-there are 3 robot rules. What happens when Smith doesn’t trust the robots to follow these rules. Well, you get 2 hours of action, adventure, and excellent visual effects. Is it a waste of time? No. Would I rush out to purchase this movie? No. It reminds me of a more expensive, better version of “The Island.”


Writing: B

Acting: A-

Overall: B+

Actually, this one is probably a cheaper version of The Island. Much better movie then Island was, but I don’t think it was anything orignal. I love watching it, its a good action movie, not as good as the next one on the list, but a good one. I think it keeps to the Will Smith action movies. In my opinion better than Bad Boys II, which was good, but was a huge headache and I’ve only been able to see the whole thing once.

I, Robot is one of my recommendations if you’re in the mood for a good pop corn movie that’ll keep you moving. If we’re playing by Evkoz’s rules, I would give it an A- (plus the girl in it is hot) if we’re playing by my rules, and we always are here at the blog, I’d give it an 7 1/2 out of 10, I would have given it a solid 8 but…nah…I’m not nice…

Next up is Mission: Impossible III, which I have yet to review myself:

Mission Impossible: 3

I walked into the theater with high expectations for this movie. Considering the first one was better than the second, I had my doubts. However, MI: 3 exceeded my expectations. Tom Cruise, returning as Ethan Hunt, delivered a spectacular performance. The movie opens with Hunt/Cruise tied in a chair, watching as the enemy is about to kill his fiance. Now, in true MI fashion, nothing is as it seems. From this point, the movie rewinds, taking you back to how Cruise got caught up in the first place. Ving Rhames also returns, as his normal self. I highly recommend this movie, as I would love to see it again. This movie has everything-action, suspense, with moments of comedy. What a great way to start the summer!


Writing: A-

Acting: A

Overall: A

Great movie, great fun, plus the girl in it was hot! Don’t want to say too much here, I’ll leave it for my review. But I agree with Evkoz completely on this one and he should be happy because that doesn’t always happen.


16 thoughts on ““Better Late Then Never 2” by Evkoz

  1. flammable says:

    Nice! I, Robot was based off of an Issac Asimov collection of books…so keep in mind that it was science fiction converted to a kick ass action movie (with a sci-fi theme, yes). I enjoyed I, Robot much more than I thought I would, too.

    Dammit, all these good reviews for M:I III…maybe I should see this again, or something. I would have given it a B+, or a 7.5/10.

    Also, according to this:


    The same director of M:I III will go on to make the new Star Trek movie, too. The article he links to seemed to have vanished, however.

  2. socramforever says:

    yes, I know, JJ Abrams is doing Star Trek XI, which will be about a young Kirk and Spock meeting at the Academy (not Jedi Academy) and becoming friends…should suck ass…

    I wish they would make a good sequel to the next generation…dammit!

  3. socramforever says:

    they weren’t going to get William Shatner, they were going to have younger people playing those parts. Which was one of the reasons why the creator of the show never wanted to do a young Kirk or Spock, he said something along the lines of, we’d be foolish to assume that we would get the same acting from someone else that we would from the original players. I agree. Leave it alone, lets see what happens in the next century. or exand on the current century, which I believe is the 24th century.

  4. socramforever says:

    yeah, I don’t think that George Lucas could figure out what to do to make Anakin turn to be evil, like he couldn’t come up with one solitary thing, it had to be a combination of a bunch of things and I think that was the safest way.

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