George Lucas on: Tom Cruise/M:I III, Indy IV, and Star Wars 3-D

Good stuff, good stuff, after not having a damn thing yesterday, comes back with a whole shit load of stuff, here, George Lucas talks about a bunch of stuff, check it out.

George Lucas Talks Indy 4…Again
Posted: Friday May 12th, 2006 1:35pm
Source: MTV
Author: Garth Franklin

Too often filmmakers go on about the size of their movies and, like most teenage boys, it always seems to be the ‘bigger is better’ school of thinking that rules the day.

I would’ve pegged George Lucas in that category, but talking with MTV this week he actually made some good sense when it came time to hyping up the fourth “Indiana Jones” flick, and in the process took a little dig at MI3’s somewhat disappointing opening – “I think Tom Cruise proved that people are getting bored with that kind of stuff What they want to see is something different. And ‘Indiana Jones,’ if nothing else, is always different”.

Lucas once again confirmed the script is finally done and will “probably” start shooting next year – “We’re working on it, we’re working on it,” Lucas said. “We’ve been working on it for 10 years. I think it’ll be a great film, but it’s completely different. It’s still got a lot of action, and it’s still very funny. I think it works like crazy”.

As for the 3D versions of the “Star Wars” films, he’s more hesitant on that front – “I don’t know. Eventually. We’re working on that technology, seeing if we can get that to work out”.

Hey! I’m not tired of M:I III type of movies, in fact I think that it was great, it definately hit the spot and I think that it’ll make back all of its money and perhaps we’ll see a fourth one. If time permits.

INDY IV…again, like I say about a lot of things, don’t fuck it up.

And Star Wars 3-D, of course they are going to make it, it’ll make a shit load of money, imagine any of the Star Wars movies in 3-D, and lets just say they decide to put that format on IMAX….ohhhh!!! YEAH!!!!


11 thoughts on “George Lucas on: Tom Cruise/M:I III, Indy IV, and Star Wars 3-D

  1. flammable says:

    Wow…George Lucas appears to be in an endless pursuit to do about three things and exploit them to death.

    Oh, and stomp down the new hotness, as well (while he’s at it).

  2. socramforever says:

    “Well, if I made M:I III,” said Lucas during one interview, “I would have put Jar Jar Binks as one of the IMF agents and he would have saved the day…”

  3. flammable says:

    Jar Jar would have to die a horrible, painful death with one of those chemical pills they had at the first part of the movie. I would have loved to see them spend 5 minutes with the camera fixed on Jar Jar, with one of his eyes slanted the other way…muahahaha

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