Dumbasses of the Week

Here are two people I am declaring dumbasses for this week, and I’ll let you decide if you agree with me or not:

IMDB.com had these two separate little blurbs and they both made me think “dumbass”, tell me what you think:

O.J. Simpson Returns on Pay-Per-View
O.J. Simpson is appearing in a pay-per-view reality show in which he disguises himself as an Elvis impersonator, a street-corner fruit seller, an elderly man at a Bingo game and as himself, trying to sell the Bronco used in the “slow chase” that ended with his arrest on charges of murdering his ex-wife, according to the syndicated Inside Edition, which aired the Bronco segment on its Thursday-night edition. The show, titled Juiced, is due to air on pay-per-view this month and will be followed by the release of a DVD. His attorney said that Simpson was not paid to do the show. He “decided to do this because he wants to do it, and he wanted to have fun with it,” according to executive producer Rick Mahr.

Hilton Confuses Video Game Name
Socialite Paris Hilton shocked fans at the launch of her new videogame when she referred to the product by the wrong name. Jewel Jam, which can be played on a cellphone, is made by videogame maker Gameloft – who are set to create an entire series of Paris Hilton games. But the company was left red-faced last night when their celebrity endorser appeared totally clueless at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Hilton, who arrived late, said, “I’m really excited to have my new video game, Diamondquest. Thank you all for coming, and you can download the game.”



8 thoughts on “Dumbasses of the Week

  1. socramforever says:

    The keep using the line “you’ve been juiced” on different radio stations…its funny…I just would never buy this or give anything to OJ Simpson.

  2. socramforever says:

    I actually enjoy Punk’d every now and then…but I don’t watch it on a weekly basis, if its on and nothing else is on, I’ll glance at it.

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