Da Vinci Code shatters the year’s box office

Well, not like they made any records this weekend, but it certainly was the biggest box office gross in one weekend for the year so far. Check it out.

From Cinescape.com:

Weekend Box Office: Da Vinci Solves Mystery
Dateline: Monday, May 22, 2006

By: News Editor
Source: Box Office Mojo

The Da Vinci Code opened with a bang this past weekend to an estimated $77 million in ticket sales. The weekend haul for Da Vinci will make it the first real blockbuster of the summer.

Another new release, Over the Hedge, came in second for the weekend with an estimated $37 million for the weekend. The gross is a bit less than expected, but the movie should hold very well over the coming weeks.

The arrival of The Da Vinci Code had an effect on Mission: Impossible 3 as the film still fell by 56% to $11 million for the weekend.

I do expect both The Da Vinci Code’s and Over the Hedge’s actual numbers to go up from the estimates. All in all it was a good week at the box office and next week should be even better with the arrival of X-Men 3

1. The Da Vinci Code, $77 million

2. Over the Hedge, $37.2 million

3. Mission: Impossible III, $11 million

4. Poseidon, $9.2 million

5. RV, $5.1 million

6. See No Evil, $4.3 million

7. Just My Luck, $3.3 million

8. An American Haunting, $1.6 million

9. United 93, $1.4 million

10. Akeelah and the Bee, $1 million

I think this coming weekend X3 will plow down the competition and then during June things will level out while we wait for Superman Returns and Pirates.


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