Transformers title?

Here is a scoop about the Michael Bay Transformers movie that is being shot right now.


“Transformers” Title
Posted: Thursday May 25th, 2006 5:09pm
Source: IGN Filmforce
Author: Garth Franklin

Actor Glenn Morshower (Agent Aaron Pierce on TV’s “24”) told IGN Filmforce that he is off to New Mexico soon to shoot the “Transformers” movie and surprisingly revealed that the name of the film will in fact be “Prime Directive”.

There is no word whether this is merely a shooting title, a subtitle (as in The Transformers: Prime Directive), or will stand alone (although that seems unlikely).

Or, Prime Directive, like the character Optimus Prime? Come on people, did we forget about the coolest of the Transformers? Check out his pic in case you did forget:


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