Future Marvel Comic movies update

Including: Spiderman 3, Hulk, and Fantistic:

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Arad On Spider, Four, Hulk Sequels
Posted: Monday May 29th, 2006 2:40am
Source: Empire Magazine
Author: Garth Franklin

Avi Arad talks about future Marvel movies in the latest issue of Britain’s Empire Magazine and confirmed that not only are Galactus and the Silver Surfer likely to appear in the “Fantastic Four” sequel, but that the “Hulk” sequel in 2008 will be titled “The Incredible Hulk”:

Spider-Man 3
“This is definitely a ‘3’ in terms of scale. Movie one was origin, movie two was, ‘I cannot do it anymore,’ and movie three is, ‘I’m powerful, what does that do to me?” Regarding Venom: “I don’t know about Venom, I know about Topher Grace!….The black suit is a metaphor for Spidey’s mental state. In Spider-Man 2 we wanted him to put the suit back on; here we’ll want him to take it off. He cannot be the Peter we want him to be unless he takes the suit off.”

Fantastic Four 2
“It’s a couple of years later and we get to see what their life is like. What else is there for them to accomplish, what issues are in their lives, where’s Doom?”. Regarding Galactus: “They’ll be some pretty big surprises. What we’re trying to do is not to show him, but to show someone else, initially.”

The Incredible Hulk
“It’s still a study in anger. It’s more a love story between Bruce and Betty. It has the feel of The Fugitive, and Bruce is on a mission to get rid of the Hulk. When you see the Abomination, you’ll see something really special.”

I’ve never seen Fantastic Four and I don’t really plan on renting it or buying it any time soon, if I happen upon it on HBO, I’ll watch it, kind of like what I did with Dare Devil, I didn’t watch it in the theater or rent it, I didn’t even wait for it, if I happen upon it, then I’ll check it out. If it doesn’t catch my interest, I’ll simply change the channel.

I hated The Hulk, it sucked and I don’t look forward to “The Incredible Hulk”, I do know the character of Abomination, I used to read the comic Incredible Hulk, until the best comic writer (who wrote it for nearly twelve years) got into an argument over the direction of the characters and left. After that, the comic went downhill, they ended up scrapping the comic, tried to restart the comic by calling it simply “The Hulk” (and trying to say that “we put the INCREDIBLE into the comic so we don’t have to name it The Incredible Hulk–it sucked) and I’ve never read it since. I don’t give second chances when it comes to breaking what wasn’t broken and thinking you need to fix it when it didn’t need to be fixed to begin with.

I don’t think I need to comment on Spiderman, great franchise, can’t wait for 3.


11 thoughts on “Future Marvel Comic movies update

  1. flammable says:

    w00t! I hope they don’t mess up the sequels for both Fantastic Four and Hulk…cause the originals were crap. I mean, I like Jessica Alba and all, but she’s not enough to save a comic book movie missing a plot.

    Stop making my favorite stuff T&A material! It just ain’t right.

    Spider-Man is in good hands, that’s all I can say…if Spidey 3 is bad, I’ll be shocked, disappointed, and saddened. But it will rock, so there.

    They should give Silver Surfer his own movie. None of this “cameo” crap.

  2. socramforever says:

    I was never into Silver Surfer, he was just there, and all he did was surf, I didn’t see the point to that character

  3. socramforever says:

    I always got confused with Silver Surfer and IceMan when Ice Man was completely ICE…I like Ice Man better than the Surfer…

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