No X4 movie?

Oh, ok, I get it, mess me up about the third movie, but its ok to call X-men 4, X4, I understand…here’s the scoop.


No “X4” But Spin-Offs Still Planned
Posted: Tuesday May 30th, 2006 4:43pm
Source: Dark Horizons
Author: Garth Franklin

With “X-Men: The Last Stand” opening big at the box-office, speculation quickly arose that a fourth “X-Men” film may be rushed into development. The talk came despite the studios insistence that ‘The Last Stand’ would be the final film in the trilogy.

Well Fox are sticking to their guns, but Marvel head Avi Arad confirmed that there are no plans for an “X-Men 4” in the works, but their two proposed spin-off films are still very much on the cards.

Arad told the trades that “The first reaction, which we should discard, is here comes ‘X-Men 4’. We’re working on ‘Wolverine,’ which is definitely a continuation, and we have a very interesting script about a young Magneto”.

Will Fox change their tune and pressure him for a fourth? Seems unlikely due to the expense involved. In many ways it now seems that “Wolverine” will serve as the unofficial fourth film sometime either in 2008 or 2009.

I understand that it would be expensive, and by this point to get all the principle cast members back and to explain everything that has happened up until this point would be a huge bitch to do, I think its really robbing some fans of a great movie, possibly even having Bryan Singer return to direct it.

But what do I know, I mean, its expensive to make it, but if done right, as this past weekend shows, you’ll make it all back.


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