We had to take Peanut Chew to the Emergency Vet last night

Here is what I posted on myspace.com earlier:

He wasn’t feeling well all day, he wasn’t eating or drinking and he wasn’t going to the bathroom, so we had to take him to the emergency vet. An hour and a half later and three hundred dollars less we are now giving him antibiotics.

I left work early and we drove him to the vet and we had the only rabbit in a sea full of dogs.

Wish him a happy recovery, go to his myspace page if you haven’t done so already: http://www.myspace.com/therealbigleaguechew

He also wrote a letter to all of his friends on myspace, here it is:

hey guys,

i wasn’t feeling all that good yesterday, my mommy and daddy had to take me to the doctor. i just wasn’t eating at all, i don’t know what’s wrong. the doctor, she was touching me and i didn’t like it very much, she was hurting my belly, but i guess its for a good reason, so i can get better.

she injected me with some fluids in my skin, i was dehydrated. i’m feeling a little better today. i’ve eaten a little hay and had a little bit of water to drink. my mommy and daddy put me in there room last night and i slept in my cage on the floor. this morning they woke up early and gave me my medicine.

i hope to be getting better soon.

bye guys.

–peanut chew

He seems better, but I’ll keep the blog updated on everything that is going on with our second mascot.


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