Finally Back

After a week at being at my house catsitting Mathew and watching the house and Peanut, Melissa and I are back in the apartment. Back in our own bed. Ready for bed…kind of.

Let’s see, we were able to sleep in a little more over the week, Melissa especially, she only had like a ten minute drive to her work. I had like a two minute ride. It was nice not having to rush out of the house and get to work right away.

We also saw a bunch of movies over the course of the week. Five in total, including: Underworld and Underworld: Evolution movies (mentioned below), Hostel (which was freaking sick!), The New World (beautifully shot, but boring and not really all that interesting) and The Break-Up (which I was told that you’d piss your pants watching–I didn’t). I’ll talk more about them later.

I’m back, and I’ll post some stuff as the week goes on, including the Sunday Night Paws that I’ve missed posting.


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