We almost bought another bunny today…

Melissa and I were going to go to Old Navy and we had to stop at the pet store to get some litter and food for the Nut, and we happened upon the bunnies that are on sale. We asked if we could see some of the bunnies and we picked up one that looked like a lighter version of Peanut and we kind of really liked him. After like twenty minutes thinking about if we should get the Nut brother or sister or even a friend we put him back and went to finish our shopping. We walked back and the rabbit was hanging with his little bunny friend saw us and ran over. We walked away again and then when returned the little rabbit was waiting for us.

Ultimately, like the title of this post says, we didn’t buy him. We hope that he and all the other rabbits that are there are bought by really nice homes and that they have as good of a home as Mr. Chew.

Here are some pics of the other bunny:

10 thoughts on “We almost bought another bunny today…

  1. flammable says:


    Man, by the time you guys celebrate your wedding anniversary, you’ll be running a zoo!!

  2. socramforever says:

    without question. We still want another bunny, but I’m torn, I kind of like the dynamics between us and our little bunny boy. bring another rabbit in might give him a friend but disrupt the little bond that we have.

  3. socramforever says:

    actually we’ve gone on record as saying that if we don’t have kids, we’d be happy just having rabbits. Peanut may not make it as a Pirabbit, but he may make it as a silent ninja assasin…so, fine, score one for the Vault Master, but no more after that!

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