I had an amazing time in Las Vegas, it was probably one of the more exciting trips I’ve had in a while, maybe it was because it was to a place I had never been too, but it was great!

I’m off to bed right now, but I’ll post all about the trip, including: Zumanity, The Strip, the flight, Celine Dion (and how Evkoz made me put my foot in my mout–I may not go and buy a cd, but I did enjoy the concert and would recommend it to anyone and everyone that goes out there) and how we met a wild burro aka donkey.

That’s for next time. I’m off to bed, our crazy trip isn’t over yet, tomorrow is Jenna’s (Melissa’s sister’s) Graduation Party, so we have to wake up early and head down there to help out.



PS My parents saw Pirates before me, how sad is that?

12 thoughts on “BACK!!!!

  1. socramforever says:

    I’m not going to give into the bad reviews, I’m going to see it for myself and judge, besides its supposed to be the middle movie in a trilogy, they are never as good as the ones before or after it (except Matrix, the second and third one sucked!

  2. flammable says:

    True, true…I think I’m with you here anyway, it’s gotta be better than the Matrix sequels. Almost anything can be better than the Matrix sequels.

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