Another ‘Dead’ Day?

Ving Rhames is up for another round of Dead…

From who else?

Rhames & Suvari Join “Dead” Remake
Posted: Wednesday July 12th 2006 3:18pm
Source: Blackfilm
Author: Garth Franklin

Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, Michael Welch, Annalynne McCord, Stark Sands, and Nick Cannon have all signed on to “Day of the Dead”, Millennium Films remake of the classic horror film by George Romero reports Blackfilm.

The original “Day of the Dead” dealt with the zombie assault on a military establishment, satirizing the military mindset in the process. It was the third film in Romero’s trilogy, a follow-up to the second one entitled “Dawn of the Dead”.

“Dawn” was remade in 2004 and that film starred Rhames in a major role, however Reddick has stated this is NOT a direct sequel to that remake and should be seen as a separate movie.

Steve Miner (“Halloween: H20”, “Lake Placid”) will direct the film, Jeffrey Reddick wrote the screenplay.

It seems to me that there are now like two official ‘Dead’ franchises (not including the: Evil Dead movies, and Return of the Living Dead movies (both of these franchises are actually supposed to be comedies) and don’t even consider Shaun of the Dead a franchise, its not, its just one movie). The George A. Romero movies, which have been made almost every decade for the last forty years by George A. Romero (I think they skipped the 90’s due to legal issue involving the name). He made his latest Dead movie last summer, it was called Land of the Dead (I believe he plans to continue with them too with another sequel). The other Dead Franchise seems to be the remakes to Romero’s movies, Dawn of the Dead starting it off (although Night of the Dead was the first one), perhaps they are just following how a day usually progresses, you know from Dawn, to Day, to Night…damn I’m smart!

How they can have Ving Rhames in this movie and not consider it a sequel to the Dawn movie, I don’t know. I saw parts of Dawn and I liked it, but I didn’t want to get too into it because I didn’t see the beginning to it–also, I think we were eating and it was just raw!


6 thoughts on “Another ‘Dead’ Day?

  1. flammable says:

    C’mon…not a sequel, but starring the same person, has a similar name, and a similar theme?


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