Peanut Chew gets a new cage

And boy is it big!

Seen here with his first two cages, notice the evolution of a nut, how size does matter.

Follow the link to see more pics.

Peanut’s new cage barely fits in the love seat!

Peanut’s first few moments in his cage.

Peanut checking out his new cage.

Peanut was so happy with his new cage he decided to eat hay as soon as he jumped in.

When we first walked into the apartment, Peanut saw the new cage and he immediately looked excited. It took us a few minutes to get it prepared for him and when it was done, we opened the door to the new cage and to his old one and he hopped out and hopped over to the new cage, rubbed his head on it a couple of times (claiming territory) and then hopped right into it. That made us so happy!


8 thoughts on “Peanut Chew gets a new cage

  1. socramforever says:

    actually, the next size up is so big it has two doors (I’m being serious) we almost don’t have room for this current model, so we didn’t get the two door one. If he gets any bigger, we’ll know he really isn’t a dwarf.

  2. socramforever says:

    lol! He’s actually recently had a small growth spurt and he’s a little longer. But he’s still smaller than a regular rabbit. So he’s like a cross between a dwarf and a regular rabbit.

  3. socramforever says:

    yeah…about that…we had to have the apartment resized just for him. He actually sleeps in our bed, we sleep in his cage…its really for the best.

  4. socramforever says:

    We’ve been saving a lot of money on gas. He just hops us to work. We can actually sleep in more because he’s so freaking fast!

    In all seriousness, riding a rabbit like a horse would be so much fun!

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