Pirates again back on top

It might not be as massive as everybody thought it was (ask Evkoz, I told him that it will most likely be between 60 to 70 million this weekend) but its still enough and it has already made 258 million dollars (and 305 million dollars so far worldwide) so it’ll probably make it up to at least 400 million if not a little higher.

From darkhorizons.com:

The “Pirates” Take No Prisoners Yet Again
Posted: Monday July 17th 2006 2:14am
Source: Assorted Sources
Author: Garth Franklin

Those “Pirates of the Caribbean” conquered the box-office yet again in their second week, easily beating out the new competition, though a slightly steeper than expected drop of 54% from last week’s stellar heights rules out the film’s chances of breaking any “Titanic” record totals. The news is all roses for the Disney corporation, this weekend “Dead Man’s Chest” passed “X-Men: The Last Stand” to become the highest earning film of 2006 – a title it almost certainly won’t be challenged by.

Two newcomers this week fought for second place – an Owen Wilson comedy which generated little interest, and an atrocious looking Wayans brothers comedy. Both however did pretty well with very close $21 million and change openings that landed the Wayans just a tad in front.

In the repeat business arena the news looks a little less dour for “Superman” with ‘Returns’ falling 47% in its third weekend for a $11.6 million take. Whilst still a steady drop and the biggest in the Top Ten aside from “Pirates”, it’s not as large a fall as last weekend and seems enough for the film to have a good chance at crossing the $200 million mark. The film also flew into most international territories this weekend after being delayed due to the World Cup and the studio is hoping overseas will help compensate for the domestic disappointment.

“The Devil Wears Prada” has continued to do strong repeat business, turning into one of the real sleeper hits of the year. It’s now locked in to pass the $100 million mark quite easily within the next fortnight. “Cars” also held well with $7.5 million, and despite it’s slightly softer than usual opening it’s looking on course to end up at around the $250 million that most Pixar films hover around. Even Adam Sandler comedy “Click” managed to hold well again and is now sitting comfortably with $120 million after a month.

I can’t wait to see the next Pirates, since it has a lot built up into it now.

This coming week I’ll post pics from Vegas (I know I know I’ve been busy) and my formal review of Pirates and where it ranks in the summer movie season list for me.


2 thoughts on “Pirates again back on top

  1. anonymous says:

    You did tell me on Friday that Pirates would make over 60+ million. As I think about it more, I really liked this one. The first one was really great though! ~Evkoz

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