Halo movie pushed back?

Yeah, this is what happens when someone writes a bad script…

from darkhorizons.com:

“Halo” Hits Scripting Woes
Posted: Monday July 17th 2006 5:01pm
Source: Assorted Sources
Author: Garth Franklin

It looks like the producers of the film adaptation of Microsoft XBox hit game “Halo” have decided to go in a new direction.

“28 Days Later” scribe Alex Garland was hired early 2005 to pen the script. Once it was done, the script was then taken and shopped around the studios in a high profile publicity stunt last June.

While executives joked about how bad the draft was, they didn’t want to lose such a potentially valuable property with Universal and Fox ultimately splitting the rights. The hope was to get a film out by Summer 2007.

So much for those plans. JoBlo reports that in a recent interview with GameSetWatch, novelist/screenwriter DB Weiss confirmed he has just been hired to pen “an entirely new second draft” of the film, Garland’s script looking like it has been dumped.

Weiss says “Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. And I did always think there was a lot more to the Halo universe than most games — I remember switching to “Easy” mode on the first game, so I could plow through it more quickly and find out what happened next”.

A Summer 2007 release target now seems almost certainly not to be happening.

I’ve never played the game, but I think that if done properly, this might be one of the biggest movies (when it finally does come out).


6 thoughts on “Halo movie pushed back?

  1. flammable says:

    The game itself is great. It’s fun, challenging, and one of those games that could stand well on its own, without a storyline. And then they add an awesome storyline.

    I’d say that the story could work out as a movie, definitely. There’s plenty they could expand on, while at the same time, plenty of stuff from the game to work from and keep things familiar.

    Reminds me, never did finish this one…

  2. flammable says:

    Yea, you’re Master Chief, and you have some support staff…but it’s mostly you, Master Chief, kicking ass and looking great.

    They could easily give some troopers names and build some character development into there.

    BTW, a notable thing in the game is that Master Chief never takes off his helmet, I don’t even think people know for sure if Master Chief is a “he.”

  3. socramforever says:

    seriously? that’s crazy. how do you think that’ll transfer over into film?

    also, if Master Chief is a woman, wouldn’t that be too similar to Samus from Metroid?

  4. flammable says:

    That’d be quite awesome, but lots of people wouldn’t play Halo if it were a woman (I think).

    No idea how it translates to a game, there’s barely a storyline!

  5. socramforever says:

    I know…but apparently its not going to happen anytime soon. I’m sure it will, but it’ll be half of the movie it was meant to be if they don’t completely go into it…

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