V for Vendetta

Saw it last night and it was awesome!!!!

Now here’s news on a sequel.

From Darkhorizons.com, from back in April, don’t read it if you want to keep things a surprise:

“V for Vendetta” Sequel Planned
Posted: Saturday April 1st, 2006 6:20am
Source: WQ8Q-FM
Author: Garth Franklin

With the Alan Moore graphic novel adaptation “V for Vendetta” having opened well and drawn far less fire from conservatives than expected, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to move forward with plans for a sequel that takes even riskier steps reports Kayle Ross during the ‘Drive Time Movies’ segment on Atlanta’s WQ8Q-FM.

With Moore having ‘disavowed’ the first film due to the changes made to his source work, he’s apparently being enticed back to rewrite and polish the story for a sequel by assurances the studio will give him “carte blanche over the script” and “can go as dark and confrontational as he wishes”. The result, which they expect to be too severe to pass the MPAA’s muster, will be shot and released unrated on DVD with a truncated R-rated version hitting theatres a few months before.

The new film, currently existing as a treatment by the Wachoskis, follows Portman’s character Evey travelling to the United States which has collapsed due to civil war. No loglines have yet been released though its been said Portman’s character will essentially act as V did in this one, a mentor to others of why a little revolution now and then can be a good thing. The film’s anatagonist will be an emerging new American government that will ‘quite closely’ resemble the current Bush administration.

No word yet on whether the Wachowskis, Director James McTiegue or star Natalie Portman will be back in their original capacities though talks are apparently underway and all have expressed interest. A title exists but is being kept secret for now, though a likely candidate has been found online.

Sounds good, if they do eventually make it, it should be a really good movie!


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