Peanut Chew vs Pluto

It was announced yesterday that Pluto has been reclassified as a “Dwarf Planet” and is no longer apart of the “official” eight planets that are in our solar system (for further proof, go here:

With that being said, Pluto is now a Dwarf Planet…so would that make a fight between that dwarf and our dwarf fair?

Peanut Chew is a Dwarf Rabbit, and Pluto is a Dwarf Planet…who would win in a fight?

Ok, so here’s the break down of it:

Pluto is a ball of rock and ice; Peanut is furry hence is warm. Winner: Peanut Chew

Pluto has a moon, Cheron; Peanut has a moon too, but its constantly covered by his tail. Winner: Pluto

Pluto is the fartherest former planet from the sun; Peanut is my son. Winner: Peanut Chew (I’m biased, what can I say)

Pluto cannot sustain any life on the surface (or anywhere really); Peanut is full of life and eats his face off costing his parents in food and litter probably a little over 40 bucks and month. Winner: Pluto

Pluto does not follow the same orbit as the rest of the planets; Peanut travels in small orbits around my feet while I’m on the computer and he’s really cute. Winner: Peanut Chew

Pluto does not have any features on its surface; Peanut has big ears, big feet and a bush tail. Winner: Peanut Chew

Pluto was just downgraded to a dwarf planet; Peanut has always been a dwarf rabbit. Winner: Peanut Chew

Now lets talley this up:

Pluto 2 Peanut Chew 5

Its clear who the winner of this battle was: Peanut Chew

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