Spiderman to get more sequels?

Watch out!

From Darkhorizons.com:

“Spider-Man” Gets More Sequels
Posted: Monday August 28th 2006 12:49am
Source: MTV News
Author: Garth Franklin

Marvel’s new CEO Kevin Feige recently told MTV News that “Spider-Man 3” is certainly not the end for that venerable film franchise.

“There will be many more Spider-Man films to come. We already have stacks of ideas for the next one because of the wealth of stories in the comics. We could be making Spider-Man movies for the next 20 years, based on the 50 years of Spider-Man history we have”

Will the same people be involved though? He was more cryptic on that front – “When you’re concentrating on one movie at a time, there’s a beginning and a middle and an end to that process. We’ve been topping each one as they go, [and if that happens again], that’s the time for those discussions”.

As much as movie studios and pretty much anyone in general would like to make more money, by not having the original people involved working (unless the product that they have been creating has become stale and unwatchable of course) makes the project less unlikely to make it. Look what happened when Batman changed twice from Batman Forever to Batman & Robin, along with the original people behind the helm. The quality goes down. I would hate to see what happened to Batman happen to Spiderman.

Just get either Chris Nolan or Bryan Singer if it isn’t Sam Rami and you should be fine…


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