The Rock to drop name

All I can say is about damn time.


While promoting his new movie Gridiron Gang Dwayne Johnson has noted that he will be dropping “The Rock” nickname. Dwayne wants to differentiate his acting career from his old wrestling career. It is said that he will drop the name with the release of another movie, Southland Tales.

Good. I was always against him being known as simply The Rock. It seemed kind of old and stale, he was no longer playing the character that he played in the WWE and he is now an actor (and he seems to be getting better with every movie he does). I always thought that he should use his name along with The Rock, like: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That always seemed like the safer way to do it.

But now that he’s moving on to just Dwayne Johnson, I think that it’ll work out better in his favor, because The Rock will never be in any Godfather or Gone with the Wind type movie, but Dwayne Johnson might just have a chance.

Also, I didn’t know what Southland Tales (the movie that he’ll be dropping his name down to just Dwayne Johnson, which is coming out in 2006) was about, so I looked it up.


Southland Tales is an ensemble piece set in the futuristic landscape of Los Angeles on July 4, 2008, as it stands on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster. Boxer Santaros is an action star who’s stricken with amnesia. His life intertwines with Krysta Now, an adult film star developing her own reality television project, and David Clark, a Hermosa Beach police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.

Sounds pretty good actually. Like something to stick one’s teeth into. I’d like to see a trailer for this sometime soon.

So, in closing I guess…goodbye Rock, and welcome to reality Dwayne Johnson.


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