DX vs The McMahon’s and The Big Show in a Hell in a Cell

This might not be something you all are interested, but give this blog entry a chance, I worked hard on it

Last night the WWE held its annual Unforgiven Pay Per View and I almost bought it, but decided against it. Maybe I shouldn’t say this openly, but everytime I seem to order a PPV for the WWE I don’t get billed for it. But I wouldn’t want to risk it this time around. It was a huge PPV, with some great matches set up. Probably one of the best cards for a regular PPV in a long time (not to be mistaking for the BIG FOUR–Wrestlemania (the granddaddy of them all), Royal Rumble (my favorite), Summerslam (which I did buy–and didn’t get charged for) and Survivor Series (which in recent years has been terrible). But this one pay per view had a lot of great matches. One of which was a Hell in a Cell match…

What’s a Hell in a Cell match you ask?

I love gimmick matches like a Hell in a Cell or TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) or the Elimination Chamber. But the Hell in a Cell is one brutal match, one of which when you read its description, I’ll be honest to tell you that just getting in the ring will wreck havok on your body, but the Hell in a Cell match leaves you ready for an ambulance…

Here’s the description from my favorite information site, wikipedia.org:

The Hell in a Cell is a type of professional wrestling match seen in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in which the ring and ringside area are surrounded by a roofed steel cell.

Hell in a Cell matches are rare; there have been only thirteen such matches in WWE since the first in 1997. Due to the logistical difficulty in setting them up, their dangerous nature, and their perception as a special attraction, Hell in a Cell matches are generally seen only at pay-per-view events and only two matches have been shown on live television.

The match is said to have been the most gruesome match possible by then SmackDown! commentators Michael Cole and Tazz. In fact, RAW commentator Jim Ross was the one who coined the nickname for the cell, the “demonic structure”.

Crazy shit, I do believe that their info is slightly off, there have now, as of last night, been 14 Hell in a Cell matches (HIAC).

This isn’t a normal match by any means. It is a match to beat and bloody you opponent. Just check out some of these pics from past matches:

Here are images of Mick Foley getting thrown off of the Hell in a Cell onto the announce table back in 1998. Mick Foley was actually heavily injured after this spot which happened five minutes into the match and was wheeled out of the arena area, but got off the stretcher and continued the match…

Now, I don’t care how gimmicked the stunt stuff is in WWE, this was a live event and you can’t fake things like this. There was so much wrong with Mick Foley after this spot that he should really have been done for the night. He came back out and went to the top of the cage where Undertaker was supposed to choke slam (grab his throat, pick him up and slam him down) on the top of the cage and the cage was supposed to slowly give way till he fell into the ring. Well it didn’t and it ripped apart and he fell onto the mat. At that time the mats were not as nice and springy and safe as they are now and this missed spot actually was the reason why the WWE now has better rings then they did here…

After this fall, many people thought Mick was dead, he finished the match but really wasn’t the same after this match.

Since that match, they have continued to work on top of the cage, as seen here:

Its actually safe enough that in 2002 Triple H was able to Pedigree Y2J Chris Jericho on top of it and pin him for the win, here is what a Pedigree looks like if you don’t know:

Mick Foley was actually involved in another spot that put him through the top of the cage but this time it worked and the top of the cage fell and he landed into a part of the mat that had been gimmicked to cushion his fall in 2000.

Many people have fought in this match but both Triple H and The Undertaker have done it seven times. Here is a picture after Triple H won a match, he was busted open during the match and looks like shit.

Anyway, getting to the title of this (now a rant) blog entry, last night DX went up against The McMahon’s (Vince and Shane–the owner and his son) and The Big Show. Here are some pics:

During the match, Vince wanted to add someone to his Kiss My Ass Club and ended up being added to Big Show’s ass!

DX won when Triple H hit Vince with a sledgehammer:

And if you’re not down with that, DX has two words for ya: SUCK IT!

I heard this was a great match and I hope to see it really soon.


PS here’s a cool shot, a lot of winners of the match tend to climb to the top of the cage and pose and here’s a really cool shot of The Undertaker:

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