Hulk Hogan comments about possible last match

This might be huge. But Hogan has had so many last matches that it might not be that special…


Next year’s WrestleMania is looking to be Hulk Hogan’s final match of his career. Hogan recently commented in the Long Island Press with the following statements:

“I’d love to have a bunch of matches left, but realistically, I’m [53] years old,” said Hogan, in Delaware to serve as grand marshal for Sunday’s Dover 400 NASCAR race. “But if there was one big match I’d love to wrestle, it would be [next] year at WrestleMania, because it’s back in Detroit. Twenty years ago I slammed Andre the Giant….So if there’s only one left, I’d love it to be that one.”

That was from over the weekend and this is what was posted today:

Hulk Hogan met with Vince McMahon last week at WWE HEadquarters and pitched an idea for him to face The Big Show at Wrestlemania 23 to recreate the Hogan-Andre the Giant legend of Wrestlemania III.

this is a pic from Wrestlemania III with Hogan and Andre the Giant.

Hogan vs Big Show as his last match? I would hope it would be something much bigger…oh well…


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