Se7en may get a prequel…

…just it wouldn’t be marketed as a prequel…ok, what sense does that make?


A Se7en Prequel Is A “Virtue”
Posted: Wednesday November 1st 2006 12:06am
Source: Bloody-Disgusting
Author: Garth Franklin

Bloody Disgusting reports that they have a copy of treatment for a film called “Virtue” which is currently being sent around to different writers.

What makes it so special though is that not only is the story is a prequel to David Fincher’s twisted 1995 serial killer thriller “Se7en”, but that revelation won’t come in until the third act of the film.

Indeed the film will not be marketed as a prequel at all it would seem. A mini-review of the treatment is expected to go up soon.

I’m all for it if Morgan Freeman is in it.


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