WWE Films’ next film project

Its called Jornada del muerto, and it was written by John Milius, who wrote and directed Conan the Barbarian among other films (he is also mentioned as being the director). John Milius has been talking about this project for at least three to four years, he wrote the story with Triple H in mind because he is a wrestling fan. I hope that with a real director behind the camera that WWE Films can actually have something worthy of being on screen.

This is from Wrestlezone.com:

IMDB.com has added some new details on the fourth WWE movie, “Jornada del muerto.” The plot outline reads, “A modern-day Western where gangs, drug trafficking and broken codes of honor rule.” Also, the initial cast list for the movie reads like this in the following order; Paul Levesque (it is believed that Triple H will be the main star of the movie), John Cena, Mark Calaway (The Undertaker), Shawn Michaels, and Dave Batista. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2007. Hopefully we can get an official confirmation on the details and stars of this movie because IMDB.com has been known to be inaccurate in the past.

This would be cool if they could get all of those guys into the movie, but they aren’t that great actors by any means, so who knows if they would be able to pull off what the script calls for.

And about the comment about IMDB.com being inaccurate, its only inaccurate during the pre-production stages of a film, when not that much information has been put out.


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