Jay and Silent Bob the video game?

It could be happening!

from spong.com:

Jay and Silent Bob the Videogame
Kevin Smith keen to write the story, interested publishers read on
15 Dec 2006

Any self-respecting geek will have Kevin Smith’s Clerks up in their Top Ten movies of all time. Plus, no doubt, a load of comics featuring the wonderful pair of stoners that are Jay and Silent Bob, based on Smith’s View Askewniverse.

It’s well-known that Smith loves his videogames, so it’s nice to see that the slacker comic-book artist and director is keen to make a Jay and Silent Bob game.

Smith told Yahoo! Games this week that, “I’m really not good enough to pull it off. Games is one field that I like to be entertained, rather than try to be entertaining. For years, people have been telling me to do a Jay and Silent Bob game. I’d be all for it, but I’m just not the guy to do it.”

However, in classic stoner/slacker fashion he adds, “I’d be happy to write the back-story for the game, but when it comes to what are the levels and challenges and bosses and things like that, I’m so not good at coming up with that kind of stuff. It’d be nice if someone came out with a Jay and Silent Bob game. I’d play it in a heartbeat.”

All interested publishers and developers need to get in touch with Smith’s people immediately.

And I’m sure that this game would sell by the truck loads too! I say go for it!


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