Peanut and I have a conversation over the phone…

Here it is transcribed:

Cos-Hey Chew
p-hi daddy! hehehe
c-what are you doing?
p-oh you know…
c-no, I don’t…you’re not chewing on the wires under the entertainment
center are you?
c-well that’s good.
p-I’m actually watching the Raw that you taped last night.
c-I didn’t see it, so don’t tell me what happens.
p-do you want to know who John Cena faced in the main event?
c-no, Peanut, I just said that I didn’t see it, I don’t want to know
what happens…
p-hehehe! are you sure? c-I said no peanut!
p-hehehe! you’re so funny daddy!
c-so anything else going on?
p-cena faced HBK shawn michaels–
p-daddy? hello? hehehe!

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