Quick Movie review

Here are some movies that we’ve seen recently. Some you may have heard of, some you may not have heard of…but in case you forgot, here is the ratings system incorporated last year:

Three Thumbs Up: So amazing I sprouted another hand!
Two Thumbs Up: Great!!!
Thumb Up: Good
Thumb in the middle: Ok
Thumb Down: Bad
Two Thumbs Down: Horrible
Three Thumbs Down: Clawing my eyes out would have been better and more enjoyable.

along with this, just in case you forgot:

DVD Purchase Worthy=Even better!!!!
Rent or On Demand Worthy=Good but not that good
Wait till on cable=not worth the money
Just don’t waste your time=don’t even bother

Around the last time I posted the ratings system we had just watched a whole bunch of movies that we hadn’t seen, most of which came from Melissa’s friend Margret, who’s friend gave her a whole collection of beautiful bootleg dvds that we borrowed and watched. We finally took some more and here is the beginning of that collection.

Now, here they are with a quick review:

Monday we saw: Silent Hill

First hour I give a Two Thumbs Up.
Second hour I give Thumb Down.
There was so much potential to possibly make this an amazing movie and it was set up so nicely. The movie is based on a video game and they took a lot of freedoms with the story, I wish that they took a little more freedoms with it and not have to stick so closely to ideas that were set up in the games.

As for the second part of the review: Wait till on cable=not worth the money (or as in our case here, find someone that just happens to have a bootleg copy of it).

Next up:


Starring Jessica Biel, Chris Evans and Jason Statham (of The Transporter series). I actually liked this movie a lot. I don’t know if its because of Jessica Biel and Jason Statham, because I’m actually fans of both of them, but I thought the movie, while not great, was pretty entertaining. I don’t know. I think I might be the only one that feels this way. Melissa hated it and so did everyone on-line from Roger Ebert to the casual movie goer that responded to it. But every person is different.

Thumb Up: Good

Because I couldn’t give it Two thumbs up, but I can still give it a single one and not be called dumb.

Continuing on: Rent or on demand worthy=good, but not that good (unless you can find someone with a bootleg version of it)

Next up is:


This one is one of the only ones not in Margret’s bunch of movies. But I taped it on tv. It was written and directed by Kurt Wimmer, the same director that wrote and directed Christian Bale in Equilibrium, the film that Gun Kata (a martial arts form that incorporates the use of guns)debuted. The art form was created by Kurt Wimmer. Equilibrium is a great movie, but Ultraviolet is not. Starring Milla Jovavich this is a horrible piece of crap that doesn’t deserve much said. I’m happy that I didn’t go see it in the theater like I had wanted to and I’m also happy that I never got it on On Demand.

Two Thumbs Down: Horrible

Along with:

Just don’t waste your time=don’t even bother

That’s it for now, there are a whole bunch of movies that we have on DVD that we need to watch and probably will within the next week or so along with Children of Men, Alpha Dog, and The Hitcher, just to name a few that are out in the theater.

Tell me what you think.


PS Melissa just informed me that she would have given London Three Thumbs Down. She really did not enjoy it. So don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself and tell me I suck! or tell me if you like it…either way, I’ll be happy.

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