Quick Review for The Matador

I’ve been taping a whole bunch of things on our DVR (its pretty much a TiVo–also, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I have it) and a movie I had heard of was The Matador starring Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear.

It starts off as a typical hitman type comedy (kind of like a goofier (in my opinion) The Whole Nine Yards) then it becomes a cool hitman movie that turns into a buddy hitman comedy. I thought it was entertaining and I didn’t think it was really this (from wikipedia.org):

Critical reaction

Having been screened at the Sundance, Toronto, and Chicago International film festivals prior to its release, the film was generally well received by critics. Early professional reviews praised Pierce Brosnan’s performance, as well as the film’s unique and provocative premise and themes. [1]

Ebert & Roeper gave it an enthusiastic “two thumbs up,” with Ebert praising the movie as “an overlooked gem” and “Pierce Brosnan’s best work to date.”

Pierce Brosnan was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical Film at the Golden Globes in 2006, however he lost to Joaquin Phoenix for Walk the Line.

But I might be wrong. I think Pierce Brosnan did great in this movie. But its not one to run out and buy or anything.

Thumb in the middle: Ok

and also:

Wait till on cable=not worth the money

So, if you see it on tv, check it out, tell me if I’m wrong.


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