Quick Review for House of Wax

Here is another one that we saw yesterday (that’s two movies that we taped in one day baby!)….and yes, this is the one that had Paris Hilton in it…

House of Wax

I didn’t mind this movie. I heard from Adam that the original with Vincent Price is so much better, but everything with Vincent Price was much better than its remakes. But I really didn’t mind this movie. For what it was, it was a distraction and a nice way to end the night. Paris Hilton will never win an oscar but she did well for herself. I mean, she pretty much just played herself…Elisha Cuthbert is a hottie and definately made this one a fun one to watch. But no one in this movie got out of the incidents of this film without getting injured in some way.

Here are the thumbs:

Thumb Up: Good

But don’t rush out to buy it.

Wait till on cable=not worth the money

Not worth that much. I say its good, but that was because I didn’t have any expecations. It didn’t blow me away, but it didn’t leave me feeling like I wasted my time (like Ultraviolet). The ending had a lot of forced symbolism. But if you want an hour and a half of your life with a decent destraction find this one on cable.


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