Don’t look for movie previews during Super Bowl…

…you bastards!


A Barren Superbowl For Movies
Posted: Tuesday January 30th 2007 12:36am
Source: Assorted Sources
Author: Garth Franklin

The Superbowl is always one of the big times of the year for first look movie ads.

Despite the high cost for airtime, many studios use the game to display new and splashy ads for some of the big tentpole movies of the Spring and Summer.

That’s not the case this year. With only a few days to go its been confirmed that only Lionsgate swimming drama “Pride” and Disney comedy “Wild Hogs” will be advertised during the game.

Even the pre-game show will only see ads for Eddie Murphy comedy “Norbit” and Nic Cage actioneer “Ghost Rider”.

Various companies are holding back this year, causing CBS to significantly discount the last remaining national spots.

Organisers expect to be sold out by game time but at present no studios are rushing out to obtain those slots.

We were all expecting to see something for Pirates 3, Transformers, Die Hard, even Spiderman 3! This sucks!

Bah! I haven’t actually seen the Super Bowl or its damn commercials in a long ass time. I don’t remember what I saw last year, but I know that I saw the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! I even think I posted a blog about it…yes! I did! check it out.

Usually I just wait to hear what was played during the Super Bowl and then the next day go onto Darkhorizons, or something like that (now youtube) and find whatever came out. It just sucks that the studios are being dicks about it!


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