I still think I look like Matt Leinart…

…and so does Chris (one of my four groomsmen):

Hey, I came across this picture of you from the Super Bowl with Kid Rock, lol. How was Miami? Must have been nice to get away from this cold weather for a few days. Maybe next year you will actually be playing in the Super Bowl, not watching!

my response, since I am Matt Leinart:

you know, I would have invited you to come, but you had already said you were busy with a super bowl party and I figured why bother you to come out all the way to Miami if you had to work the next day…hopefully next year I am on the field and not in the stands, but it was cool to hang out with Kid Rock.

Chris’ response back to me as Matt:

LOL!!! Very nice. However, in the future, work and prior engagements come second to the Super Bowl, vacations to Miami, and hanging out with celebs 😉

my response back…again as Matt:

ah! duly noted. i’ll make sure you’re in my posse next time around

Chris has the last say and I agree:

there you go homie…that’s how we ROLL!!!


PS if you don’t remember what I’m talking about, take a look back at Jan. of 06, here is the blog:


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