Kenny Velez drawings

I never heard of Kenny Velez until a few months ago. I loved some of the pics of Mario and Luigi that he did and he seems to be a pretty damn good artist. I have no idea who he really is, but I was going through some of my links today and I found his link and I thought I would put it up for people to look at along with his Mario drawings.

He has a certain edge to his drawings and he puts a slant on some of the characters in the drawings to give them reactions that one would really see if those things were to happen outside of the video game world.

Check out his website: to see more of his artwork along with comics, storyboards, cards and everything else that he does.

This one is my personal favorite:

Mario in Brooklyn pre-Mushroom Kingdom

this next one has a Che reference:

Rebel Koopa

Mario’s Aftermath

Lonely Luigi

I feel bad for Yoshi…

Yoshi falling

Super Mario Bros. fishing

After Super Mario Bros. 2(US)

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