New User Pic…

or avatar…while doing the blog entry below I was thinking about making some new user pics and the first thing that came to mind was Darth Vader or something of Star Wars…tell me what you think, I may not keep it. I may even go with Darth Maul or the Death Star…or even Chewie!

Just in case I don’t like it and I delete it, here is the pic for future reference:

5 thoughts on “New User Pic…

  1. flammable says:

    I think Maul looks worse than he really is.

    Darth Maul would have been a good villain to keep around, at least through Episode 2.

  2. socramforever says:

    I agree. I never understood why they killed him off. I guess it was mostly because they were trying to get across the idea that Darth was not a name but a ranking as opposed to everyone thinking that Darth Vader’s first name was Darth. Am I making any sense?

    The second movie introduced Darth Tyranus and the main person was called Darth Sidious. So it really is just a name.

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